Provocative plastic-art: recycling with creativity to pass on an important message

14 April 2021

Photo by Austin Novy Chop Em Down — Plastic Whale — French Polynesia

Throw in the word plastic into a conversation and many will admit that dealing with the “plastic crisis” will be one of the main challenges of the XXI century. The safety of our planet needs to be taken seriously and plastic pollution has bounced up — rightly so — the priority list on the global agenda.

The last year certainly didn’t help. The efforts we made vaporized when our whole reality suddenly changed. …

20 March 2021

People around the world believe that Italians are everywhere and that’s not far from the truth. On every trip we take to the most popular tourist spots, we can always single out the Italians with their high-pitched singing-like conversations, taking selfies or carefully listening to their group guide who desperately tries to keep them from getting lost holding a flag high above her head.

Beside tourists, there is indeed a very big number of Italians spread across the world, studying or working in a different country.

And, when living abroad, it’s only natural to get a grasp…

Wilma Gheza

Lisbon, Portugal. While I enjoy the great weather and visit amazing beaches, I write articles and translate anything from English and Portuguese to Italian.

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